Coupe Health

Coupe Health

Helping remove big roadblocks on
the road to health.

Creating a brand that’s as streamlined as this new health plan’s experience

It’s no secret: healthcare is complicated. Realizing many avoid getting care because of this, a new, national health plan set out to drive up people’s engagement in their own health by making it easier to find high-quality care and get pricing ahead of time to avoid sticker shock later.

Our opportunity? Honor the ease of this new offering with a brand that’s equally smooth.

Hop into the happiness that is Coupe. Like a fast, two-seater car, this app-centered health plan uniquely puts a person in the front seat on their health journey to give them a happier way to healthcare. Inspired by speed and simplicity, the brand identity features frictionless curves and rounded letterforms, echoing the streamlined promise of the Coupe experience.


  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Identity & brand guidelines
  • Messaging framework
  • Collateral & branded material design

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