Hewing Hotel

Hewing Hotel

Turning a Downtown District Into a Destination

Creating The Living Room of The North Loop, The Hewing Hotel

A former 1897 farm implement showroom and warehouse within The North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis was earmarked to become the next welcoming hotel.

Our opportunity? Help create the “it” spot within the “it” neighborhood, appealing to locals and travelers alike.

Paying homage to logging, one of Minnesota’s first major industries, as well as interior’s massive timber beams, we leaned into “hewing”— a process of refining a log into a usable shape for building—to create the Hewing Hotel moniker.

We applied this brand story of refinement and craft throughout the hotel and Tullibee, the woods-and lakes-inspired restaurant. The Hewing Hotel is now voted one of the best experiential hotels in the nation.


  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand Story
  • Identity
  • Brand photography
  • Marketing
  • Brand Training
  • Website
  • Advertising

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