North Loop Green

Bringing green space to more spaces.

More Connection Within a New Development.

In between Minneapolis’ Central Business District and its vibrant North Loop Neighborhood sat a patch of land with latent potential.

Our opportunity? Create a brand for this new mixed-use space from developer Hines (offices, apartments, outdoor commons area) that leans into the power of connection. Fill more than the distance between two geographies. Fulfill an unmet need in the neighborhood: an expansive green space full of lushness and life.

Welcome to North Loop Green. We defined the positioning, as well as developed the name and brand identity system for this new nexus of all things dynamic, authentic and forward-thinking in the North Loop Neighborhood. More specifically, a kinetic logomark and the flexible identity system and brand story speak to the wide variety of possibilities found within—from enjoying a lunch break on the green for those in the office to taking in a weekend show for residents and visitors.


  • Brand positioning & strategy
  • Audience research & profiles
  • Marketing audit & analysis
  • Brand personality
  • Messaging framework
  • Brand Identity & standards
  • Brand Activation Concepts

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