The Virginian Lodge

The Virginian Lodge

Welcoming modern adventurers
to a classic Jackson Hole motor lodge.

Blending western grit with undeniable hospitality for a stay like no other.

Jackson Hole offers the best of the open range—outdoor adventure and “Old West” mystery. However, many hotels in the area didn’t reflect this, favoring either new luxury or dusty accommodations.

Our opportunity? Elevate the vision of Glenn Napierski, founder of The Virginian Lodge (The Virg), to “Keep it Western” by paying mind to authentic, local details while creating an undeniably inviting experience for guests.

With reverence to what’s unique within its walls, what’s true to the wilderness out yonder and what’s intriguing about the establishment’s foggy history, we created a brand that’s equally retro, adventurous and mysterious. Every last detail within the brand identity and voice helps ensure the Western spirit of Jackson Hole remains alive and well at The Virg.


  • Brand positioning & strategy
  • Identity & brand guidelines
  • Collateral & branded material design

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