Harbor Health

Inspiring people to rethink
their relationship with health.

You are what you Harbor.

At Harbor, a new clinic with a new approach, health isn’t prescribed. It’s pursued. To help people flourish in every way, Harbor pairs each person with a dedicated Health Team to co-create a smarter health journey based on what a person harbors—hopes and fears, and more.

Our opportunity? Create and launch a brand as bold as Harbor’s life-changing vision.

We developed an inviting brand that piques curiosity while reinforcing Harbor’s dependability. Select illustrations and photography reflected the culture of Austin, TX, our initial market. From clinic interiors to the website and a launch campaign, every touchpoint reinforced Harbor’s differentiating philosophy: health is what we make of it.


  • Brand positioning & strategy
  • Identity & brand guidelines
  • Messaging framework
  • Interiors branding partnership
  • Website design & development
  • Digital campaign
  • Brand launch & rollout

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