Amping up the brand of a friendly, yet quiet, telco.

Whoa, that’s Midco

Many people don’t have a good relationship with their internet provider. Midco was different – ranking high in customer service and quality. However, not many knew it.

Our opportunity? Celebrate what’s distinct—yet largely undetected—Midco’s sparkling reputation with a reinvention of the brand.

To bring a little oomph to this likable local, we dug deeper into what consumers we’re digging about Midco. Turns out being real, really helpful and reliable results in lots to love. Knowing this, we went to work to make Midco unmissable. We developed a new, simplified brand architecture across all business units, products and services. Then we cracked the code on a new look, feel and sound that amped up their neighborly charm—lightning bolts and all.


  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand positioning & strategy
  • Audience research & profiles
  • Customer journeys
  • Marketing audit & analysis
  • Brand personality
  • Messaging framework
  • Product naming
  • Identity & brand guidelines
  • In-house team training
  • Integrated campaign concept, creation & production

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